Rear Tipping Dumper

The Rear Tipping Dumper Truck Course provides the course candidate with good knowledge of safety and practical skills of how to use the dumper at all times.

This course also includes awareness of other plant and appreciation of ground stability, according to working practices.


The basic course syllabus includes…

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 & ACOPS
Site Safety Area Hazards & Risk Assessment
Operatives Responsibility – PPE – Safe Working Loads
Stability of the Dumper and Excavations
Pre-Start Checks – ROPS & Lap Belt
Manoeuvring – Stop / Start – Observation
Receiving Loads – Tipping – Safety Procedures & Technique
Practical Operations
Pre-Use Assessment
Practical Assessment Test
Theory Test
Course closing summary


As with all our courses, we will adapt the course to suit the experience and number of candidates on the course, which may affect the duration.

Refresher Course: 1 day
Novice Operative Course: 4 days

Instructor Machinery Ratio

This course has an instructor – trainee – machinery ratio of…

3 x Trainees
1 x Instructor
1 x Rear Tipping Dumper Truck

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